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Our professional and qualified team will provide you with helpful advice and make the process of installing and replacing new windows and doors a breeze. It all starts with our obligation free quote, which is carefully tailored to your needs whether it’s a renovation, new builds or upcoming project. Once the style and design has been chosen, we will survey the job so you can be confident that product is measured exactly ensuring a hassle free, quick turnaround installation. With a 10-year guarantee, and ongoing maintenance all part of our service – you can rest easy knowing we are with you every step of the way.

Double Glazing offers...

New building standards and regulations recognize what a home or a commercial building owner gains by having double glazing technology. This is fueled by the fact that single glazing is scandalously deprived when it comes to heat or cold regulation hence the need to have something that can make living within the walls bearable and comfortable.

When we say that your place will be okay if not perfect, don’t just take it for granted. Feel free to enquire on double glazing in Perth and surrounding areas by using contact us page and our customer care desk will be more than ready to help you and organise a visit to the specified building. We will do the quotation for you, and the prices are not scary for those on a tight budget.

Best performance is critical and for our esteemed customers, here is what you need to check to attain maximum benefits:

  • Reduced emission – Light and heat are allowed in but fleeing heat is reflected back inside.
  • Perfect seals made by many layers – Be away from moisture, noise and draughts. Proper sealing is also an important consideration at the joint between the frame and the glazing unit.
  • Spacers – Separation between the glass panes to cut down condensation and heat loss.
  • Considered gas – Heavy gases like argon, between the glass panes, are denser than air, therefore, acting as a better insulator than air.

Benefits of double glazing in Perth

  •  Minimum heat loss through the windows
  • Significant improvement in thermal comfort
  • Reduced external noise
  • Condensation caused by cold air is negligible


  • Savings on energy costs
  • Resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • Enhanced security
  • Resistance to fire and minimal maintenance